Upfront a few statements:

  1. Look also into the Financial world. More and more and more it is a IT driven FINTECH. So IT should and must be aligned with the business. There are business issues if your IT department is not aligned.
  2. You can make the difference into your market, changing from follow the market (survivor) into trendsetter or ahead in the market. If you want to do so, you need more flexibility and a better pace of change.
  3. IT is not just a trick, IT is an serious profession.

Business and IT alignment and collaboration:

Let IT be!

Let it be Agile.

Let me be your guide in your journey in improve your pace of change. Helping you to get your Business and IT into a leadership position in your market.

Agile thinking is different

Agile way of working is more than another way of working, it is another way of thinking and collaboration between people and focus on results and pace of change. There is more interaction, less paper, more working software, happy employees, no lose ends, less plans and paper and much more flexibility (even time for prototyping).TTM +40% improves maneuverability of your company, that makes the difference in the competition in the market.

About this website

It is a mix about my experience, my opinion and my best practise. At least it is a brain dump. More and more pages will exist. Feedback is a gift. And please get in mind, You don't have to agree on everything, but please start thinking on the issue.

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